Version 0.2 of Forum Monitor is out.
Important thing to note in this release is: vBulletin support!
Users are invited to test the application and submit bugs to the tracker system.


Changelog version 0.2:
- VBulletin support! (to test better)
- Removed option monitorAsGuest, now login is done if user types username and password
- Post codes moved from many files to config.cfg (a node for each codes type)
- Added option to automatically load last monitored site at startup, or to load a custom one (specified in tools -> settings)
- Code optimizations (forumCache and settingsConfig now have a safe field search algorithm)
- Fixed function updateCookies() to update value of already existing cookies.
- getPage() now save cookies sent by the requested page.
- Added 2 new login parameters tags %PasswordMD5% and %PasswordMD5UTF% for password in md5 and md5-utf format respectivelly.
- Added md5 support (derived from the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm) to allow runtime md5 conversion of password (used in forums like vbulletin)
- Added cache system to remember and fastly retrieve already detected url forum infos (type, version, year, etc.)
- Added a new ‘Unique Mode’ to search version and year of Forums (check vbullettin config file)
- getPage now follow redirect specified in the location header of a page
- Fixed a bug in forumConfig, now the fields are searched correctly (\n- field\n)