Forum Monitor version 0.2.5 is finally avaiable for download.
Changes in the new versions include a more complete error system, sound notification and some other cool things, check changelog for further details.

Windows (32 bit) binary
Source code

Maybe linux binaries will be avaiable shortly.

Version 0.2.5:
- Added a more complete error system
- Posts page codes ported to regular expressions
- In the forum’s config file, added a new attr “ReverseSearch” (values are 0 for false or 1 for true) that can be used to do backward search instead of normal in details detecting
- Forum generic details detecting (version, year, etc.) now can be done using two methods: Unique and Fields mode
- Code optimizations
- Added new tab “Notifications” under Tools->Settings with options to enable/disable sound and baloon message when new messages are detected
- Option “Message check interval” has a new validator that exclude numbers beginning with zero (0 or 002 are not valid intervals)
- Fixed a bug that caused random crashes after some minutes of scan
- Option “Message check interval” in Tools->Settings switched from milliseconds to seconds
- Settings dialog now can be opened without stopping the application.
- A sound is played when new messages are found
- Login parameters are now encrypted to url entities (security reason).
- Now forum year is setted to 0 if it isn’t detected (first there were random garbage numbers)
- Added option to hide warning when program is closed to tray