Finally the release version 0.3 of Forum Monitor is available to download: binary for windows and linux and source code for all the others operating systems.

Changes include multi instance support, a better forum and message detecting algorithm and much more!

Windows (32 bit) binary
Linux X11 binary
Source code

Please note that Linux users without QT installed have to also download QT shared libs archive and extract its content to Forum Monitor directory (to do only once).

Changelog version 0.3:
- Multi instance support (added File class, now files are opened only when needed, saving memory, CPU use and obtaining updated content from other instances).
- Added a new shared field on ForumConfig used to specify shared attributes visible among others node’s fields (see phpbb config).
- Added a fix to ForumConfig (members "start/end pos" initialized to -1 and getEntryPos() change) to avoid nonsense field searches without nodes.
- Site Address lineedit is now read only while scanning.
- Rewrote fieldsModeDetecting now does also work of uniqueModeDetecting:
  in the fields of forum’s configs you can add a new attribute called Target used to specify
  the thing to return (Field = field name, Attr attrname = attrname, MatchedCode, etc.) if
  detecting is successful; if omitted the program will return the default choice
  (generally field name, but it can be also Attr Page for posts page detecting, etc.)
- Increased vBulletin forum recognition.
- Now program doesn’t stop if internet connection goes down, it continue to try to scan endless.
- Fixed Settings dialog, now changes are applied immediately but the user can discard them clicking on Cancel button
- Added option in Tools->Settings->Notification to enable/disable tray warning
- Dialog Tools->Settings returns to block input when it’s opened (safer)
- Modified ForumConfig to allow a more safe entries (node, field, attr) search
- Added error system to posts page codes detecting
- Replaced ID Column of messages list with Time (display current time of when the message has been detected)
- Message detecting is made comparing topic url (insted of topic name)