Finally the version 0.3.5 of Forum Monitor is available for download!

This release include a cache system for posts that should increase a bit the monitoring efficiency, code improvements which lead to a very stable release version and two useful tools that can be used only in Debug mode: Site Retriever and Forum Assistant.

Site Retriever is a widget whose job is to perform searches using Google and to return the resulting urls in a list.

Forum Assistant is a tool to perform some basic (and repetitive) tasks on a lists of sites, such as finding which of them have a specific page or a specific code in a page (regex is supported).

Last but not least, this release is totally suitable for linux users that now will be able to execute the program without having QT installed, please read the README file for instructions.



As usual, read more to see the complete changelog.

Changelog version 0.3.5:
- Removed a memory leak on postsPages creation and various optimization on it and its usages.
- Added postsPage cache system to speed up post checking.
- Optimized function PostsPage::postTotReplies(), now use much less memory.
- Added Forum Assistant (debug only), a tool intended to perform common operations on sites
  like search for a page, a code on a page or shared code among all sites (this last not yet implemented).
- Added Site Retriever (debug only), a dialog that can be used to search queries and get resulting sites using Google search engine.
- Fixed stop monitoring.
- Wrote new classes Site and SiteConfig used as base classes to Forum and eventually ForumConfig.
  This will make possible to create a generic API to monitor sites.
- Code improvements.
- Fixed some error codes.
- Optimized scanTimer of Forum.cpp (no more multiple start and a new name to avoid overriding a local timer).
- Fixed currentPos on nextNodeField(), first it stuck on shared field when it was the last field of the node, leading to incorrect behavior of nextAttrLine() (lines of shared field were returned).