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mainWindow Class Reference

The main application window. More...

#include <mainWindow.h>

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Public Slots

void execSettingsDialog ()
void clearAllCache ()
 Clear all the forum's cache.
void clearCurrentSiteCache ()
 Clear the current site's cache.
void showAbout ()
 Show information about the program.
void execSiteRetriever ()
 Open the "Forum Retriever" dialog.
void execForumAssistant ()
 Open the "Site Assistant" dialog.
void copyPostsPageContent ()
bool startStopMonitoring ()
 Start or stop the monitoring.
void updateGuiToStopMonitor ()
void updateGuiToStartMonitor ()
void updateMessagesList (QList< QStringList >)
void trayIconActivated (QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason reason)
 Restore (unminimize) window on trayicon double click.
void showWindow ()
 Show the previously hidden window.
void openForumOnBrowser ()
 Open the default browser to the current forum.
void openForumTopicOnBrowser (QString)
void clearMessagesList ()

Public Member Functions

 mainWindow ()
 Create the GUI and initialize everything.
void createMenu ()
 Create elements of main menu bar.
void createOptions ()
 Create elements of options section.
void createStatus ()
 Create elements of status section.
void createMessagesList ()
 Create elements of messages list section.
void createTrayIcon ()
 Create tray icon and the taskbar related options.
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)

Detailed Description

The main application window.

Member Function Documentation

void mainWindow::clearMessagesList (  ) [slot]

Clear and reset the messages list. This method is useful if called just before a monitoring is restarted or just for user convenience.

void mainWindow::closeEvent ( QCloseEvent *  event )

Minimize the window to taskbar if the user try to close it normally (show an advice if the user has not choosen to hide it).

void mainWindow::copyPostsPageContent (  ) [slot]

Copy to clipboard the content (html) of forum's posts page for debugging pupose.

void mainWindow::execSettingsDialog (  ) [slot]

Open the settings dialog (used by user to change the program settings).

void mainWindow::openForumTopicOnBrowser ( QString  topicPath ) [slot]

Open the default browser to the specified forum's topic.

topicPaththe topic url.
void mainWindow::updateGuiToStartMonitor (  ) [slot]

Update the GUI to allow the execution of after-scan operations (like start monitoring).

void mainWindow::updateGuiToStopMonitor (  ) [slot]

Update the GUI to allow the execution of in-scan operations (like stop monitoring).

void mainWindow::updateMessagesList ( QList< QStringList >  newMessages ) [slot]

Update the messages list by adding the newly on top. This method is used during the monitor process to show from time-to-time (after a specific signal) the new forum messages that are detected by the program.

newMessagesthe new messages list, each one is in turn a list of string representing the topic title and topic url.

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