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SRetriever Class Reference

Debugging purpose class. More...

#include <SRetriever.h>

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Public Slots

void startStopSearch ()
 Start or stop a search.
void stopSearch ()
 Stop search.
void saveSiteListAs ()
 Save the site list to a file specified by the user.
void addHttpToList ()
 Prepend "http://" (if not exist) to the sites in the list.
void removeHttpFromList ()
 Remove "http://" (if not exist) from the sites in the list.
void removeQueryfromList ()
 Remove query (if exist) from the sites in the list.
void showAbout ()
 Show about message.


void searchStopped ()

Public Member Functions

void createMenu ()
 Create main menu.
void createQuerySection ()
 Create query widgets (label & lineedit) and search button.
void createSiteList ()
 Create model/view list to store and display retrieved sites.
void startSearch ()
 Start search.
void resetSearch ()
 Reset widgets and members.
QString getNextSearchPage ()
 Download the next search result page.
QStringList extractSites (const QString *searchResult)
 Extract sites from the search result page.
bool addSites (const QStringList *newSites)
 Append the new sites to the list and update count.

Detailed Description

Debugging purpose class.

Site Retriever is a tool used to search queries using Google and that grab all the resulting websites' url. Typically used to search websites that use a certain forum.

Member Function Documentation

bool SRetriever::addSites ( const QStringList *  newSites )

Append the new sites to the list and update count.

newSitesreference to the list of new sites.
QStringList SRetriever::extractSites ( const QString *  searchResult )

Extract sites from the search result page.

searchResultreference to the search's results.
void SRetriever::resetSearch (  )

Reset widgets and members.

This function can be called just before of starting a new search.

void SRetriever::startStopSearch (  ) [slot]

Start or stop a search.

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