We are glad to announce that version 0.3.7 of Forum Monitor is finally ready to use.

This release include an important change: the adoption of XML as the format for the forum’s configuration files.  Here’s an example of what they looks like:


One of the advantages of XML is that it’s standard., so it will lead to a greater extensibility and a better readability. For these reasons there are big plans in this regard. Anyway, an article covering the xml structure of forum’s config files will be published soon.

There are also many other changes, of course.

The detection algorithm has been rewritten almost completly to reflect the xml change, this also for the new <search> node used to specify searches to perform on site’s pages.

The core now has a better login system, more robust that works on more sites.

The main language is now english, but italian keeps to be supported thanks to translations files.

As you could see, there is a new “Documentation” tab on the main navigation, from now on we will update the application reference (created by Doxygen) each time we will publish a new version of the application.

Download binaries & source code!

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